Mums share their top tips with Daizy Babies Real Nappies

Everybody does things a little differently. When you're staring with washable nappies it can seem like a daunting task. In our office we get lots of tips from great mums, dads and grandparents who use cloth nappies and we wanted to share some of them!

10 of the best for cloth nappies

Cloth nappies (or diapers) are a great option for the modern mum. In their latest forms they are easier than ever, with Velcro instead of pins, and great fabric such as bamboo. But there is no denying it, they need a little more organisation from the parents. In our office we get mum and dads giving us their handy tips and hints on using Daizy Babies real Nappies. So, what's better than sharing?! Here's our top 10, in no particular order:


Our 10 Top Tips


  1. Keep your nappies bright with sunshine Sunlight contains UV rays which bleach the nappy fabric. If your nappies get a little stained (albeit an organic stain) just leave them in direct sunlight to return them to their former glory. That's one of the reasons that line drying is so great for real nappies.
  2. Never use softener in your nappy wash Softener works by coating the fibers of the fabric. This is lovely with clothes, but spells disaster for your nappies. The coating on the fibers prevents them from doing their job of absorbing liquid.
  3. Go easy on the nappy cream All babies get sore bottoms, especially when teething. It's well known that many babies have less nappy rash with cloth nappies, and dermatologists recommend cloth diapers to children with skin problems. That said, using too much cream can coat the fibers of the nappy, making it less absorbent. Using a little often, a baby oil or a biodegradable nappy liner will all keep your nappies at their best.
  4. Bucket + Lid = Bliss / Bucket + Lid + Tea-tree Oil = Antibacterial Bliss A bucket with a lid is a must for cloth nappies. It means that you can store them until you have a full load and transport them to the washing machine. As strange as it sounds, many mothers stick a panty liner to the inside of the bucket lid. They then apply a few drops of tea-tree oil. This neutralizes any nasty smells and is naturally anti bacterial.
  5. The Power of Friends Finding a friend who is also using cloth nappies is a good way to share experiences and tips. But what if none of your friends are doing cloth? Well, don't give up! There are loads of forums and groups for parents who are having great success with cloth diapers.
  6. Match the Nappy to the Baby It makes sense to get the right nappy for your baby. As a parent, you'll know best. For example, pinned nappies might not be the best for a wiggly baby, so look for Velcro. Microfiber may dry quickly from the machine, but perhaps it's not the best choice for a heavy wetter.
  7. Be Realistic A day in disposables is not a failure. We had one parent ask about their three day trip across Europe in car and boat. We discussed using a bag for each day, how many nappies she would need, and the bulk of carrying them. In the end, she decided that the baby would have one day's travel in disposables and the following two in cloth, as two days in a bag wasn't too bulky in the car and she could wash them at the destination. She found a realistic balance.
  8. Don't Boil Wash There is no need to boil used nappies. Modern machines and a small amount of detergent can get your nappies clean at lower temperatures. Some fabrics such as bamboo are naturally anti-bacterial which is an added bonus.
  9. No need to Iron Not many people enjoy ironing. Fortunately, nappies work best when they are NOT ironed. Ironing flattens the fibers making them less absorbent.
  10. Never Too Late You can start with cloth nappies at any point. Some parents feel overwhelmed with their first child. It may take time to settle into a routine and to get used to your new role as a parent. That's perfectly normal. Take the time to do it, and then when you're ready, move to cloth. Some parents on the other hand use cloth from the very beginning. Each person is different. You choose what's right for you.



Ok. So there are our tips. We hope you find them useful! At Daizy Babies we collect tips and advice on using real nappies. Why not send us your tips too?