Reusable Nappy Inner (Bamboo) - Size 2 (9+ kg)

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Reusable Nappy Inner (Bamboo) - Size 2 (9+ kg)


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Bamboo is 40% more absorbent than cotton, naturally antibacterial and possibly the softest material you can buy to put your baby in.

Daizy Babies bamboo nappies, like our nappy wraps, fasten with Velcro and have slightly elasticated waist and gussets, helping to get the perfect fit. Our size 2 nappies are suitable for 9+kg / 19+lbs, usually around 1 year old.


Our Daizy Babies shaped, bamboo fibre nappies are perfect for everyone! The system is simple to use and consists of three layers. Our 'Packs' contain the whole system, however, purchasing them individually can keep your stash topped up.


First is the bamboo nappy itself, shaped just like a disposable, with Velcro tabs that adjust as your baby grows. The Bamboo material is naturally antibacterial and extremely soft. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants and it doesn't need fertilizer so our nappies or truly chemical free and naturally good for your babies skin. It is also even more absorbent than cotton.


Also available to purchase separately is the small biodegradable liner which lies inside the nappy. This allows liquid to pass through but not solids. When you change your baby, this part can be easily removed and flushed down the toilet* or popped in a bin.

To protect your baby's clothes, our breathable, waterproof outer wrap fits snugly around the bamboo nappy, keeping liquids inside, without overheating your baby. Daizy Babies bamboo cloth nappies can also be used with other brands of waterproof wrap, for the same amazing absorbency!


When it comes to washing the nappies, wash at 40 degrees and dry in sunlight (sunshine is a natural bleach, so will remove any stains that are left after washing).


Our nappies are available in 2 sizes: Size 1, Newborn (7 -19lbs / 3-9kg) and Size 2, Toddler (19lbs + / 9kg+)


*care should be taken with older pipes and toilets.