Real Nappy Starter Pack - Reusable Nappy Kit for Newborns (Bamboo)

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Real Nappy Starter Pack - Reusable Nappy Kit for Newborns (Bamboo)


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Whether starting out or topping up your stash, our Daizy Babies bamboo nappies starter pack is perfect!

Bamboo fibre is very hardwearing but super soft. Our 2 part shaped nappies are as quick and easy to use as disposables. With 4 fuffy bamboo nappies, 2 waterproof outers and a roll of 100 biodregadable liners, you have plenty to boost your stash!

Suitable for Newborn babies, upto 19lb / 9kg)


We call this our 'Starter Pack, but it could just as well be our 'Booster Pack', our 'Top Up Pack' or our 'Just a Few More Pack'!


Our shaped bamboo nappies are made from high quality bamboo and shaped just like a disposable. Bamboo fibre is amazingly soft and, even after plenty of washing, stays that way.

Velcro tabs at the waist means the nappy changes shape with your baby, while the legs and waist are gently elasticated to ensure a perfect fit.

Daizy Babies waterproof wrap is made from breathable PVC. The legs are gusseted to allow your baby to grow while still stopping leaks.

Biodegradable liners help further speed up changing time by letting liquids pass through, while keeping solids separate. When changing the nappy, simply take the corners and flush!*

The nappy is now ready to be washed at 40 degrees. Drying in sunlight will eliminate any stains or marks. Sunlight is a natural bleach, so even drying through a window will help.

This pack contains 4 Daizy Babies shaped bamboo nappies, 2 Daizy Babies waterproof outers and 1 roll of 100 biodegradable nappy liners. Further liners are available from our 'Individual Nappy Items' section.



Our nappies are available in 2 sizes:

Size 1, Newborn (7 -19lbs / 3-9kg) 

Size 2, Toddler (19lbs + / 9kg+)



*Care should be taken with older pipes and plumbing.