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Real Nappy Starter Pack - Reusable Nappy for Toddlers (Bamboo)


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Our cloth nappy starter packs are great both for starting your stash, or to add to a few extra nappies to your main collection.

With 4 fluffy shaped bamboo nappies, 2 shaped waterproof wraps and a roll of 100 biodegradable liners there is plenty to keep you going. Reusable, easy to use and perfect for helping the environment, your pocket and your babys skin. Get green today with a Daizy starter pack.

Suitable for 19lb + / 9kg+


Our starter packs for toddlers are an ideal top up pack, or great to get you into reusable nappies.

Our nappy system is a simple 2 part system: 

First, an easy to use super soft bamboo fibre nappy, shaped just like a disposable, which fasten with adjustable Velcro tabs. Around the legs and back our nappies are gently elasticated for the perfect fit, no matter what shape of your baby. The fluffy bamboo inner is very absorbent and naturally antibacterial. Bamboo is grown without use of fertilisers so it is also chemical free before we even start work on it!

The biodegradable liners fit securely inside the bamboo nappy to create a barrier for solids. Letting liquids through but holding back solids means changing is a doddle too - simply remove the liner and flush!*

To complete your washable nappy composition, the waterproof outer with its breathable PVC layer protects your baby from leaks, keeping their clothing dry. This part of the nappy can usually be reused at changing time.

When it is time to change your baby, the inner nappy is simply washed at 40 degrees and then dried either naturally (as sunlight is a natural stain remover), or for a very short time on a low heat on a tumble dryer to restore its fluffiness! Care should be taken not to overheat the bamboo nappy though, as this can negatively affect the absorbency.

This starter pack of washable bamboo nappies will help you get to grips with real nappies and is a great way to start yours and baby's green journey! This pack contains 4 Daizy Babies shaped bamboo nappies, 2 Daizy Babies waterproof outers and 1 roll of biodegradable nappy liners.

Further liners are available from our 'Individual Nappy Items' section.


Our nappies are available in 2 sizes:

Size 1, Newborn (7 -19lbs / 3-9kg)

Size 2, Toddler (19lbs + / 9kg+)



*Care should be taken with older pipes and plumbing.