Taking your little one out in the winter can be a chore, with layers of clothing, extra blankets, rain covers for the pushchair and snow suits to think about, the cold weather can be off putting to some parents.

Another problem a lot of mums face, is being able to comfortably breastfeed whilst out and about in the winter. This can be because of finding somewhere warm to release your baby from the pushchair and their many layers and feed, or simply because you don’t want to be exposed in public, especially if it’s snowing!

Daizy Babies love the MiniMonkey baby carriers, we have found they are an ideal solution to all your winter outing fears! The sling keeps your little one close to you at all times. This is great for sharing body warmth, especially if you can wrap your coat around the newborn too. It also calms your little one, knowing you’re close by. For newborn babies, the sling offers the perfect breast feeding position for your little one, straight across your body, meaning your baby is ready to latch on and feed discreetly whenever it is convenient. The Minimonkey baby sling provides ultimate comfort for the baby and has plenty of excess material to keep baby snug, and you covered up whilst feeding is taking place.

The sling is suitable from birth up to toddler age, adapting to keep your little one safe and secure in 3 different positions as they grow. There is also ample room to fit a blanket in with your little one, especially in the first few months, should they require extra warmth while you carry them.

Another great use for the baby carrier is the newborn hammock position. The sling can be fastened across a crib or cot to create a swinging bed for your baby up to the age of 3 months. This is great if you aren’t planning on venturing far this winter with your new addition. You will still get lots of use indoors from the sling, until you adventure out in the warmer months.

The Minimonkey carrier comes in a variety of bright colours to suit your taste. Order yours today from Daizy Babies. You won’t be disappointed!