With small children in the house, spring is the ideal opportunity to explore outside because if they are anything like ours, they seem to like nothing more than getting muddy!


There are many lists of ‘Fun Things To Do In Spring’ but our favourite year round is from The National Trust. They have properties all over the country and during school holidays often have special events to entertain children. In addition, a lot of the list don't need any special props which means you can adapt them to your children, and have fun anywhere, anytime.


Here are our favourite few from their list of ’50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 ¾’ for this spring:


6. Skim a stone. I’m rubbish at this so it’s always a bit of a learning curve for all of us! Whether you live by the sea, a lake or even a large pond in the park, this is so fun to do. I’d recommend looking out for flat stones while you’re out and about to get you off to a flying start.


15. Play in the snow. Super easy this week! Its very cold out there but once you’re wrapped up, you can get quite warm running around and throwing snowballs. We have had boy-v-girls, children-v-adults and random-throw-at-everybody competitions. Loads of fun!


19. Play Pooh sticks. I love, love, love playing this and thankfully our children enjoy it too! Collect similar sized sticks, find a small bridge, all drop a stick at the same time and (carefully) run to the other side (downstream) to see which stick wins. The trick is to stand reasonably close, but not too close otherwise all the sticks get muddled.


34. Track wild animals. Well, maybe not wild as such, but when your country walk gets muddy, a good way to keep everyone involved is to track animal footprints. You’ll probably find anything from dog prints to hoof prints – or even someone else’s welly prints!


45. Find your way with a map and compass. We went on a long journey a few weeks ago and the children directed us using a map (we still had the satnav going ;-) just in case!) It wasn’t outside, but they really enjoyed it, plus they didn’t keep asking if we were there yet!



We’ll be looking at the list again once it is a bit warmer; there are so many ideas and suggests that you can adapt to your own family, which is your favourite? Which have you done?


In the meantime, wrap up warm and have lots of fun in the snow!