Tea tree oil is an essential oil that many people have heard of. Few people however, fail to realise its full potential and its many uses. In comparison to other essential oils, tea tree is very affordable, especially from Daizy Babies. Below are some great tips on the use of tea tree oil along with reusable cloth nappies, and also a few other uses for this essential oil, that you might find beneficial.

When washing and caring for your real cloth nappies, it’s important that you keep them sanitised to avoid spreading unnecessary infection to your baby. This can be hard, because many wash detergents and fabric softeners can ruin the fibres of the nappy. Tea tree oil provides a natural antibacterial agent to help keep nappies clean. Add half a teaspoon of oil to your laundry to keep nappies hygienic and fresh without causing damage to the fabric.

Tea tree oil can be applied directly to the skin to help with many health problems, due to its natural antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. It should be noted however, that the oil should not be used direct on baby’s skin, under the age of 6 months.

Here are some other great uses for your tea tree oil.

1. If your baby or toddler suffers from asthma, add a few drops of tea tree to a dehumidifier to clear airways.
2. Use tea tree in your nappy pail to clean it out and keep it fresh.
3. If your toddler contracts head lice from nursery, try adding twenty drops of oil to two tbsp of shampoo, then massaging the mixture into the hair and scalp. Leave on for ten minutes and rinse. Repeat three times daily until eggs are gone.
4. Add two teaspoons of tea tree oil to two cups of water in a spray bottle as an antibacterial household cleaner for your child’s high chair and toys.
5. If your toddler has a general rash, mix a few drops of tea tree with coconut oil and massage over the affected areas. (Make sure you seek medical advice from a GP to ensure the rash is not dangerous to your baby.)

With all these great uses for tea tree oil, why not stock up your cupboard now and be prepared for whatever challenge parenthood throws at you! If you have already purchased our real cloth nappies, our tea tree oil makes a great addition to your cleaning and first aid collection. Browse our baby products and other nappy care tipsnow.