The idea of using cloth reusable nappies for your baby can trigger mixed feelings. Many parents like the thought of being ‘Greener’ but questions such as “Will I be able to keep up with washing?”, “Will nappy changes be more difficult?”, “Will child minders/nursery/other family members support my decision?” and “Will I actually save money?” may arise. In most cases the thought is worse than the reality.

It is estimated that 85% of families still use disposable nappies and around 92% of the disposable nappies purchased are branded nappies costing on average 15p per nappy. Babies get through around 4500 nappies from birth to potty training, resulting in a spend of about £675, in that period, on nappies. Daizy Babies’ reusable real nappy kits would cost you in between £200-£250, to get you from birth to potty training. Although there is a slight increase in your laundry cost, the savings would be roughly £350, if not more, (remembering that your washing frequency increases ordinarily with the addition of a baby). These savings refer to your first use of reusable cloth nappies, however the nappies can be reused on a second and third baby if they are cared for in the correct way, saving even more money with each use.

Daizy Babies' shaped, reusable cloth nappies, provide ease and comfort from the very first day. The adjustable nappies grow with your child, providing a very similar protective 3 layer system to disposable nappies. The biodegradable paper nappy liner is placed inside the bamboo shaped nappy to separate solids from the nappy. The liners can usually be flushed easily upon changing your baby’s nappy. The second layer is a super absorbent washable Bamboo inner nappy. The nappy fastens with Velcro, adjusting to get a perfect fit, while giving the parent the ease of a disposable nappy. This layer is simply put aside to wash later on, instead of putting the nappy in the bin. The third layer is a waterproof outer nappy wrap to protect your baby’s clothes. The elasticated gusset helps protect from leakage, and like the bamboo nappy, this layer also fastens with Velcro to ensure a snug fit. When changing your baby, this outer layer can usually be reused two or three times.

When you explain to your friends and family the benefits of using cloth nappies, and they discover how easy they are to maintain, you will probably find your decision to convert to reusable nappies is supported. As you get into a regular routine with your baby’s nappy changes, you will find that using our real cloth nappies becomes habit, rather than a chore. You can also pride yourself on the fact that you are doing your bit to help the environment!

If you aren’t convinced that cloth nappies will benefit you, why not give our cloth nappy trial kit or cloth nappy starter kit a try before you order a full kit or read more great tips for using our reusable bamboo nappies.