Is your child ready to start potty training? Here are a few indicators to help you tell. If your child is able to do any 3 of the following then he or she should be ready to give toilet training a go.

1. Your child can stay dry for at least two hours at a time, or is dry after a daytime nap.
2. Your child tells you that wearing a wet nappy is uncomfortable, and that they need/want changing.
3. Your child asks if they can use the potty or the toilet.
4. You generally know when your child is likely to have a poo.
5. Your child asks to wear training pants or normal pants.
6. Your child can understand and follow simple instructions, like 'bring me the wipes, please'.
7. Your child can use words to let you know they need a wee or a poo.
8. Your child can put on some of their clothes on without help (e.g. Pants).

Why not try our Bright Bots reusable training pants to aid the transition from nappies to toilet? Our washable training pants are made of cotton polyester terry with absorbent wadding, with a PUL lining that helps prevent leaks. These pull-ups are not designed to keep your child completely dry as disposable nappies and some training pants do. Instead, Bright Bots Training pants give you a few extra moments to get your little one to the bathroom when accidents do happen, while letting your little one feel the damp.

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