Have you tried MuslinZ?

Muslin squares have been used in parenting for many years. You might think of Muslins for their use as nappies on newborns, as an alternative to terry towelling squares, however we thought of lots of uses that we wanted to share with you.

1) Emergency reusable nappies for your newborn – Muslin squares are light and easy to carry in your baby changing bag as spare nappies. If you keep a couple of large muslins with you at all times, you can make an emergency nappy up in no time with the help of a couple of safety pins. The muslins are surprisingly absorbent especially when paired with your bamboo cloth nappy wraps. You never know when you might need an extra change, and haven’t took enough reusable nappies with you. Why not keep a few in the car too?


2) Wiping up sick/for use as a burping cloth – It is common for babies to need a burping cloth after their milk feeds. Some babies may be very sick in between feeds and muslinZ are a great solution to mum or dad’s clothes getting covered! Be sure to have them on hand.


3) Dribble bibs – Once your baby stops being sick, the muslin squares come in useful for teething babies. When little ones are teething, lots of dribble is normal! Use the MuslinZ as a dribble bib by tucking into clothes or tying in a triangle like a cloth bib. They are also useful to have on the side to wipe your little ones mouth and stop their clothes getting soaked.


4) Food catchers – similar to the above, use the muslin squares to catch food when you are out and about, and save dirtying their clothes.


5) Sun shade – If you are out and about on a sunny day why not use a muslin square as a sun shade or fly net over your little ones pushchair. The material is light and breathable, but will shield your baby from getting burnt. They are also useful as a sun shade in the car, simply wind your window down and hang the cloth over the window, tapping it when you wind the window up. The cloth covers the whole window and shields the baby’s eyes from the glare of the sun.


6) To line a changing mat – Have you ever been caught changing your baby’s nappy and suddenly their bottom seems to attack before you can get a fresh nappy on? Using a muslin as a liner on a changing mat makes for a quick recovery. The material is very absorbent and the cloth can be quickly scooped up and thrown in the wash if soiled, or reused for the next change if not.


7) As a comforter – although not intended originally, some babies find comfort in sucking or snuggling a muslin cloth, and doing so can soothe them. The cloths are easily washed and so don’t usually get as grubby.


8) Swaddling your baby – some babies need to feel like they’re being ‘hugged’ in order to fall asleep. Swaddling your baby in a MuslinZ may make the difference between you getting sleep or not.


9) Sheets on a cot – The absorbency and breathable material of muslins provide a great sheet either for under your baby, or as a light blanket if it is warm in a baby’s room.


10) General mopping – spillages are not a rare occurrence with a little one. You’ll be surprised how many times you will reach for one to wipe up food or drinks that haven’t quite reached their destination!


There are just a few uses that we have come up with for muslin squares, we’re sure you must have many more.

Our MuslinZ come in a variety of beautiful colours and are 70cm x 70cm, providing a large enough muslin for any use. The MuslinZ come in assorted packs of 6 and are high quality, being both larger and harder wearing than most.

If you are expecting a baby or need a gift for a friend, why not try our super handy muslin squares available here. Look in our Baby Care section for more colours.