Bright Bots training pants have been developed to assist in your child’s transition from nappies, through potty training and on to regular toilet use. The pants are available in various sizes and a choice of fun colours.

The pants are designed to look and feel like normal cloth underpants but incorporate a PUL layer to help protect from little accidents. Bright Bots are not designed for multiple accidents, they don’t absorb urine or keep the skin dry as nappies do, but the PUL layer will stop small leaks. The purpose of Bright Bots training pants are to help your child to feel that they are slightly wet and that they should be on the toilet or potty, while protecting their clothing.

Potty training can be a stressful time for both parent and child. By using training pants such as Bright Bots, the whole process can become smoother. Instead of the child realising he needs the toilet and instantly be wet through, resulting in a complete change of clothing, Bright Bots give you an extra few moments to prevent accidents. Contrary to disposable training pants, these Bright Bots training pants are washable, reusable and just like ‘grown up’ pants.

Used properly, these washable cloth training pants give your child confidence that they can avoid accidents and puts them in control. They also give the parent confidence that they can leave the house without reverting to disposables.

So if you’re thinking about moving your child from Nappies to toilet, use Bright Bots to help with their training.