Although 1st-7th August is World Breastfeeding Week, we understand it is not possible for everyone to breastfeed.

If you bottle feed your little one, try to make sure you get regular skin to skin contact whilst feeding. Studies show that this is beneficial for mother and baby. When a baby is swaddled it cannot interact with his mother, the way nature intended. With skin to skin contact, the mother and the baby exchange sensory information that stimulates and elicits “baby” behaviour: staying calm, breathing more naturally, staying warm, maintaining his body temperature and maintaining his blood sugar. This skin to skin contact is a calming and natural process for the mother too.

Daizy Babies have many natural and ecological products for the care of your baby. Our Muslin Squares can be used as nappies for newborn babies, however, they are also fantastic for mopping up sick or spillages, and as burp cloths. They dry quickly once they have been washed so can be used frequently in circulation.

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