If the time has arrived for your little one to explore the world and become a little more independent, crawling is a common progression from rolling over and tummy shuffling. With most child friendly homes and environments having laminate or hard surface flooring, to prevent damage from leaks and spillages, little ones can find it a challenge to get crawling. As with all Bright Bots products, quality and durability are key. We are confident that these knee pads will wear well and wash well as your use them, as do the training pants by Bright Bots.

The slippery surface can prevent babies from feeling secure when crawling, and their trousers can just make matters worse. Bright Bots have created a great solution to help your little one on their way. Bright Bots knee pads come in 3 bright colour combinations and are suitable for all crawlers. Choose from navy and red, lime and purple or pink and orange.

The elasticated pads are one size fits all. With a soft elastane, cotton and nylon mix, your baby will be comfortable wearing the baby knee pads over trousers, tights or directly on bare knees. The knee pads provide substantial grip on laminate, wooden, tiled or outdoor flooring, giving your tot the confidence to explore.

We have also had reports that the knee pads come in handy when your child reaches toddler age and starts climbing, as the protective pads can then be turned into elbow pads. (Children falling over when they’re determined to try riding on a scooter, riding a bike or roller skating comes to mind!)

Encourage your little ones development by purchasing these fun knee pads. Get them moving without the worry of slips and bangs on slippery surfaces. The knee pads are inexpensive and will grow with your child, unlike clothing with grips on the knees, which children will grow out of quickly, effectively costing more. They can easily be transferred to each outfit and come in 3 beautiful colours to compliment their outfits.

Browse the knee pads today and help your little one on their way.