Cloth Nappy Trial Pack

Cloth Nappy Trial Pack

If you want to give real nappies a go but are not sure how you'll get on, why not try our fitted Bamboo Reusable Nappies. They include a snuggly bamboo cloth nappy inner, leak resistant nappy wrap and nappy liners.

  1. Real Nappy Trial Pack - Newborn Reusable Nappy (Bamboo)

    Real Nappy Trial Pack - Newborn Reusable Nappy (Bamboo)

    Our newborn cloth nappy trial pack is ideal when starting to use real nappies. Shaped like a disposable with gently elasticated legs and waist, these ecological nappies are quick and easy to change. Bamboo fibre is amazingly soft and stays that way even after plenty of washing.

    Naturally antibacterial, bamboo is the ecological choice. Our Daizy Babies bamboo nappy trial pack contains one bamboo fibre nappy, one waterproof outer and 10 sheets of biodegradable liners.

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