Cloth Nappy Starter Packs

Bamboo Nappies - Starter, Topup or Gift Packs

When you give a Daizy gift pack you are saving your friend money and helping the environment. These packs include everything your friend needs for a full day of Daizy Babies Bamboo Reusable Nappies, plus extra inner layers for the next day and the next and the next ...

  1. Real Nappy Starter Pack - Reusable Nappy Kit for Newborns (Bamboo)

    Real Nappy Starter Pack - Reusable Nappy Kit for Newborns (Bamboo)

    Whether starting out or topping up your stash, our Daizy Babies bamboo nappies starter pack is perfect!

    Bamboo fibre is very hardwearing but super soft. Our 2 part shaped nappies are as quick and easy to use as disposables. With 4 fuffy bamboo nappies, 2 waterproof outers and a roll of 100 biodregadable liners, you have plenty to boost your stash!

    Suitable for Newborn babies, upto 19lb / 9kg)

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  2. Daizy Babies Bamboo Nappies

    Real Nappy Starter Pack - Reusable Nappy for Toddlers (Bamboo)

    Our cloth nappy starter packs are great both for starting your stash, or to add to a few extra nappies to your main collection.

    With 4 fluffy shaped bamboo nappies, 2 shaped waterproof wraps and a roll of 100 biodegradable liners there is plenty to keep you going. Reusable, easy to use and perfect for helping the environment, your pocket and your babys skin. Get green today with a Daizy starter pack.

    Suitable for 19lb + / 9kg+

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