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Real Nappy Kit - 20 Reusable Nappies for Newborns (Bamboo)


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If you're thinking of using reusable nappies instead of disposables for your little one, our 10 pack of washable bamboo nappies has everything you need to get you up and running.

With 20 washable bamboo shaped nappies, 10 waterproof outers and 2 rolls of disposable biodegradable liners you really will be on your way helping the environment, your pocket and your babys skin.

Suitable for Newborn babies, upto 19lb / 9kg


If you are expecting or have just had your first baby, our pack for newborns is a great buy to get you on your 'green' nappy journey.

The pack contains an ideal amount of nappies to complete a wearing/washing cycle.

The Daizy Babies nappy is a 2 part system, comprising a biodegradable liner, a fluffy bamboo fibre shaped nappy and a waterproof outer.


The biodegradable liner acts as a barrier for solids, which can be easily disposed of when you change your baby. This liner fits inside the bamboo inner, a shaped washable nappy with gently elasticaed legs and adjustable Velcro tabs that adjust as your baby grows. This section of the nappy needs to be changed and washed after each use (as often as you would throw a disposable away). The final layer is a breathable PVC outer layer that has gusseted legs and an elasticated waist, to ensure there are no leakages that cause clothes changes. This outer part can often be reused after a nappy change.


When changing the nappy, simply remove the liner... and flush*! The complete system is highly effective, and requires minimum extra effort in comparison to disposable nappies. The bamboo inner can easily be washed at 40 degrees in the washer, and even briefly dried at a low heat in the dryer if necessary (though sunlight will naturally bleach away any stains). Bamboo is very ecological. The plant itself grows very quickly and doesn't require any fertilizer to do so - using bamboo means gentle care for your baby without harsh chemicals. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, making Daizy Babies shaped nappies very hygienic.


This pack contains 20 bamboo nappies, 10 waterproof outer layers and 2 rolls of disposable biodegradable liners. Further items are available from our section 'Individual Nappy Items'.


Our nappies are available in 2 sizes:

Size 1, Newborn (7 -19lbs / 3-9kg) 

Size 2, Toddler (19lbs + / 9kg+)



*care should be taken with older pipes and tubing