Cloth Nappy Full Packs

Bamboo Real Nappies - Full Packs

Here is where your real savings start! We do our cost saving comparison on full packs of Daizy Babies Reusable Nappies. They include snuggly bamboo nappy inners, leak resistant nappy wraps and nappy liners. If you're an organised sort of a person with regular washes a kit of 10 will be enough. If you're not quite so organised a 20 pack will give you enought to keep going without reverting to disposables. They are offer an amazing cost saving!

  1. Real Nappy Kit

    Real Nappy Kit - 10 Reusable Nappies for Newborns (Bamboo)

    If you're thinking of using reusable nappies instead of disposables for your little one, our 10 pack of washable bamboo nappies has everything you need to get you up and running.

    With 10 washable bamboo shaped nappies, 5 waterproof outers and a roll of disposable biodegradable liners you really will be on your way helping the environment, your pocket and your babys skin.

    Suitable for Newborn babies, upto 19lb / 9kg

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