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  1. Mosquitan Kids Mosquito Patches

    Mosquitan Mosquito Patches by Cer'8

    Adhesive diffusers which help ward off those pesky mosquitoes! Natural formula, clinically tested, and safe for all the family, even babies. Learn More
  2. Green Baby Mosquito Patches

    Green Baby Mosquito Patches

    No need for a spray, these patches are a natural repellent, deet-free, they will keep mosquitos at bay for up to 10 hours. Great for baby, great for you too. Learn More

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  3. Soap by Oakwood Aromatics - Healing Hippy

    Soap by Oakwood Aromatics - Healing Hippy

    Clary sage and patchouli all-natural soap. Handmade in the Yorkshire Dales. Learn More

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  4. Vie spray-on Mosquito Repellent

    Vie Spray-on Mosquito Repellent

    Easy to use spray on mosquito repellent, safe and natural DEET free formula makes is suitable for the whole family, even children and babies. Learn More