About Daizy Babies Cloth Nappies

You are probably here because you have the question "Who are these people behind the Daizy Babies Site?" 

Well, here are some things you may not know about us:

  • We know how we like to be treated when we buy on line, and want to give you the same service as we expect.
  • We are a young (ish!) international team with plenty of ideas and energy.
  • Some of us are parents, and the ones who are not have had to change a nappy or two as part of their training
  • We believe 100% in our product, and we want you to love it too.

We are taking big and little steps in helping the environment:

  • BIG STEP - We are selling a product which is preventing tons of rubbish going to landfill sites every year.
  • Little step - We always switch of lights and computers in our office
  • BIG STEP - Our office products are all recycled or recyclable (and we do recycle them!)
  • Little step - It hurts us when we have to print an email