How do Daizy Ecological Nappies work?

Our system is very simple to use. Comprising 3 layers, the washable nappies work just like disposables: - biodegradable paper catches the solids - the super absorbent inner collects the liquids - and finally the waterproof outer skin keeps it all together. Please see the section 'How it works' for more details.

Aren't reusable nappies more work than disposables?

Yes, they are - but not as much as you'd imagine. Nappies need to be changed regularly, whichever type you use. Daizy reusable nappies do up by Velcro and are shaped just like disposables. The trickiest part of reusable nappies is getting into a routine of washing them. Many people find it easiest to alternate a clothes wash with a nappy wash.

What do I do with the soiled nappies?

Simply remove the biodegradable paper from the nappy and flush it all down the toilet (paper and any solids). If the nappy inner has been soiled, this can be either scraped off or rinsed off in the toilet. The nappy inner is then set aside for washing. Provided the waterproof outer skin has not been soiled, it should only need to be changed every 2 to 3 uses. Used washable nappies are stored in a lidded nappy pail or bucket. They can either be stored dry (known as 'dry-pailing') or soaked. Dry-pailing is generally acknowledged as the easier option. To soak your dirty nappies, half fill the nappy bucket with water, add a few drops of tea tree oil (a natural disinfectant) and put your nappies in to soak. When dry-pailing your dirty nappies, simply put the nappies in the nappy bucket and add a few drops of tea tree oil.

How do I wash the dirty nappies?

How do I dry my nappies?

Daizy Ecological Nappies can be dried on the line, on an airer, in the tumble dryer or in an airing cupboard. The most economical choice is obviously on the line, maximising the lifespan of your nappies and using the sunlight as a natural bleach and sanitiser. Drying the nappies in a tumble dryer will dry them quicker and make them softer. Dry on a medium heat. Avoid drying bamboo nappies on a high heat as this will affect the texture of the fabric.