Newborn Reusable Bamboo Nappy 10 Kit

Newborn Reusable Bamboo Nappy 10 Kit

New-born bamboo shaped reusable nappies. 5 x wraps. 10 x shaped bamboo cloth nappies. (40101)


This is an excellent kit for parents wanting to save money with real nappies. These nappies are high quality bamboo. Bamboo is a natural product and highly absorbent. The durable, leak resistant polyurethane wraps have a built in gusset to prevent leaks. The kit contains 10 shaped bamboo nappies, 5 wraps and 100 liners. We also sell a 20 pack which may interest parents who prefer to wash less frequently. What's Included: 10 x Bamboo Nappies - Size 1 (3-9 kg) 5 x Leak-resistant Wraps - Size 1 (3-9 kg) 1 x Biodegradable Liner Roll (100 liners)


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