Step By Step with Cloth Nappies

If you are new to using real nappies you may find this illustrated guide useful. The guide contains details on how to put on, take off and wash the nappies.

How to put on a Daizy Bamboo Nappy

To start: Just as with a disposable nappy, make sure that you have everything you need nearby and that your baby is on a flat, safe surface. You will need: - Bamboo Reusable Nappy - Nappy Protector - 1 Biodegradable nappy liner (if using) - Somewhere to put your nappy ready for washing A small bin with a lid is an ideal place for a used nappy. There is no need to soak the nappies.


Step 1

Prepare the nappy. Make sure that it is open and the bamboo booster is in place. For new borns this booster isn't needed. For older children you can fold this booster to put more absorbancy where it is needed the most. Place the bio-degradable nappy liner (if using) in the nappy too.


Step 2

Put the back of the nappy behind the baby , fold up the front, and bring the two tabs round and close the velcro. The nappy should be a snug fit, but shouldn't be too tight.


Step 3

Put the wrap round the nappy and close the tabs. The tabs normally should be level to make sure that the nappy has a good fit. Make sure that there is no nappy comming out of the wrap at the top or around the legs. The wrap should also be a snug fit but not too tight.