How does the Daizy Babies Bamboo Nappy system work?

The real nappy system is REALLY simple. It works on layers:

Layer 1 - Biodegradable Paper Nappy Liner

Daizy Babies biodegradable paper liners are placed inside the bamboo nappy. Their function is to separate solids from liquids. Keeping the solids separate makes washable nappies easier to use. The liner rolls have 100 sheets and are made from a biodegradable viscose fibre.

When you change your baby:
You are normally ok to flush this liner with its contents down the toilet, although it's not always advisable with old or damaged draining systems.

Layer 2 - Super Absorbent Bamboo Inner Nappy

The inner bamboo nappy is key to why these washable nappies are great! Bamboo is SUPER absorbent. It is also incredibly soft and a completely natural fibre. Bamboo is a wonder fabric, because it also is naturally anti-bacterial.

Our nappies have Velcro fasteners to make sure that they are a great fit for your baby.

When you change your baby:
Put this layer to one side to wash. A container with a lid is ideal.

Layer 3 - Waterproof Outer Layer

While the bamboo nappy is inside doing its job, you need an outer layer to protect your clothes. The Daizy Babies Nappy Wrap is ideal. It is made from a waterproof yet breathable fabric.

The nappy wrap has an inner gusset which goes round the leg to prevent leakages and is adjustable with Velcro making sure it is always the best fit.

When you change your baby
You can probably put this back on.